October News – Busy, Busy Busy!

As the title suggests, October has been a busy month for us, but we’re fortunate that we have great team members who work hard to ensure that not only are our deadlines met, but that our quality remains at a consistently high level.

So, you may be wondering what it is that has kept us so busy. Well, aside from our usual workload we have had over 6,000 hammer heads to paint ranging from 1/2lb to 8lbs in weight. They arrived on a HGV and 18 pallets later we were left wondering where to start! Not for long though, luckily for us the customer had a list of which hammers they needed back first – always a help! Due to the density of the metal it is not cost effective to powder coat hammer heads, they take much too long to pre-heat in the oven and again to fully cool down. Therefore we wet paint the hammer heads to give them as long a life-span as we possibly can!

Liam, our longest serving employee, has become our qualified First Aider. His skills have already been put to good use with our staff members, bringing to light just how important it can be to have a First Aider in the workplace.  Well done Liam!

Liam - Our First Aider

Liam – Our First Aider

Whilst you have been picking out Halloween costumes, chomping for firewood and feasting on pie and peas with a serving of bonfire toffee underneath a firework lit sky we’ve already been thinking of Christmas. Back in our unit, the crazy season has begun as we powder-coat many metal structures for a number of local firms. These structures will go on to become decorated in tinsel, lights and baubles and be sent all over the World to adorn shopping centres and busy streets during the holiday season. When you are enjoying the festive decorations, know that they too have had their own interesting journey to get there.

Be Well,