Powder Coating

Our powder coating system is of Swiss design, ensuring the highest possible quality available on the market today.

To apply the powder to a metal object we use an electrostatic set-up. This passes a positive electric charge to the powder, which is then sprayed onto the grounded object.

Once the powder has been applied it is cured in our oven, at a temperature of between 160OC and 220OC depending on the type of powder used.

Our oven measures 7metres x 2.2metres x 2.2metres.

There are various stages to the powder coating process:

– Pre heating: This can help to create a thicker finish for a longer life.

– Primer: We use a zinc phosphate primer or an epoxy modified primer.

– Curing

– Colour: We offer a wide range of RAL and BS colours and can source others that will give the finished object a unique look including glitter additive, custom and candy colours!!

– Curing

– Lacquer: This process enhances and protects the colour

– Final curing

Once the powder coating process is complete your product is very durable, chip resistant and highly resistant to the elements and UV light.