Earlier in the year we became distributors for Tyreseal after a chance meeting at a Networking event. After administering it to other people’s car, we finally had the chance to put some in our Jeep. Much to my relief as its gas converted and therefore we don’t have a spare tyre. A few days later we were off for one of our outings in the caravan. It would gave us a great opportunity as we made our way to North Wales to see if the product really did live up to all the hype.

For those of you that aren’t aware about the product and its benefits, this next paragraph you’ll find interesting – I certainly did, especially when it comes to saving money and not having to worry about another flat tyre.

Tyreseal is designed to seal any puncture hole on the crown of a tyre, including multiples to any one tyre. The product can lengthen the life of a tyre by maintaining the air pressure, thus ensuring even wear pattern. At the same time this improves fuel economy. Tyreseal also dissipates heat much more than normal, keeping the tyre cooler, resulting in better tyre wear.

So, back to our long weekend away in Abergele. We made our way past Manchester and onto the A55 in our 4-litre Jeep, with the caravan behind us and the car filled up with bikes, prams and all other camping essentials and to be honest nothing felt any different with regards the handling of the vehicle. However, by the time we had navigated the narrow, windy lanes of the Welsh countryside and the bumpy lane of the farm we were both in agreement that there was plenty of gas left in the tank, so a noticeable difference on economy. Mr Asbestos Fingers (otherwise known as my husband) felt the tyres once we had arrived at our pitch and was surprised at how much cooler they were compared to other journey’s we had done when towing the caravan.

It has to be said that we are both now really pleased that Tyreseal is in our vehicle and caravan and glad that we became distributors to help others save money (both on fuel and tyres) and live without the worry of a flat tyre.