One passion that we have at Pegasus is watching things being restored back to its former glory (if not better!) So when the opportunity arose for us to blast and paint the full shell of a Vauxhall Cresta we were looking forward to the challenge, especially given the size and intricate shape.

The blasting equipment was moved into a bigger blast booth and the chassis wheeled in on a purpose built vehicle jig.
For minimal impact, the chassis was blasted with garnet and our experienced shot blaster spent 3 hours in the booth – no mean feat in the hot weather of July when wearing all the breathing apparatus and protective clothing.

After spending a further 2 hours in the blast booth vacuuming and blowing out all the remnants of garnet the Cresta was ready for moving into the paint booth.

A further 3 hours was spent to apply two coats of wet primer – inside, outside and underneath until every piece of the chassis was covered giving an exceptional end result.

The owner was pleasantly surprised at how well we had executed the job – another happy customer, awesome!